Low Carb Diet – Control Weight and Prevent Diabetes

Low carb diet refers to the diet plan in which the amount of carbohydrate is restricted. There are certain medical conditions such as diabetes,Guest Posting fatigue syndrome, polycystic ovarian syndrome and epilepsy in which the physician advises to take a low carb diet. In early age human being took a good amount of meat and non refined grains but in modern societies the level of starch and food rich in dieta o niskim indeksie glikemicznym has increased subsequently.


It is believed by some researchers that the increase in level of carbohydrates has been a reason for increase in number of cases of certain diseases such as diabetes and hence, a diet low in carb should be taken frequently to control weight and prevent diabetes.

Traditional form of “fasting” or “vrat” mentioned in ayurvedic texts which is commonly practiced in Indian society throughout the year on various religious occasions is a diet based on the low carb diet in which only fruits and milk products are allowed to be taken instead of regular meals in the day. Mostly the diet plan is followed by people to reduce obesity or for certain weight control programs.

Low carb diet is directly linked to blood sugar levels. Certain hormones and sugar are produced when a person takes a good amount of carbohydrate. The two main hormones which are released by blood sugar are insulin which is released by pancreas and glucagon which helps to raise the blood sugar level in human body.


Currently the western society takes a high amount of carbohydrate diet and almost all the meals taken in the day initiate insulin secretion from pancreas. Some of the food products such as bread and pasta contain a good amount of carbohydrate.

Insulin controls blood sugar and it also controls the secretion of ketosis. Scientifically, it is said to be effective in eliminating fat content from the body.  There are many other benefits of low carb diet as it reduces the overall death rate and cardiovascular diseases.

People who take animal based low carb diet had 23% increase in risk of death which includes death from heart diseases and cancer whereas, the people who took diet based on vegetable fats and proteins had a reduced death risk of 20% and the risk of dying from heart disease reduced by 23%.

Sometimes, the low carbohydrate diet is instantiated by reducing some grams of carbohydrate everyday from the diet and by the end of a week, carbohydrate is completely eliminated. It is considered to be a dieting practice taken for reducing fat from the body.

To take a this diet the intake of potatoes, rice, pastas, breads, deserts and starchy food products should be reduced. There are many different types of low carb diets: low glycemic index diet and low insulin index diet. The two indexes differ in the way insulin is secreted in blood stream. It has been found that from the dietary intake one couldn’t estimate the amount of insulin one can secrete after taking up a meal due to different types of digestive reactions.

Low Carb Diet – Control Weight and Prevent Diabetes

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