Improve Your Home Flooring Surface

The beginning of flooring is back to the years by ancient man,Guest Posting it has been related to comfort and decoration, nevertheless the advantages of home flooring become developed and the use is beyond decorations, spc supplier in Sharjah is important to kitchen and bathrooms also laundry rooms to prevent leakage,

Protect from stains and cracks depending to the material floorings are highlighted the attractiveness of the house, every part of the house can be covered with different types and styles of floorings in fact the covering of living room and the kitchen or bathroom is dissimilar,

For instance it is not advisable to use wooden or carpet type floorings to kitchen or bathrooms because the high level of humidity and leakage around those areas it can damage the wooden type floorings easily. Hence when you think about the flooring you have to be selective of the type of the materials in addition know well which type of material can be more important for which function,

Because there are a lot choices and availabilities to flooring your house, commonly people use wood flooring, terrazzo, vinyl flooring, ceramics, tiles, laminate stone and carpet floorings, most of them can used to cover the surface of the house with providing attractive look and long lasting service except the person wants to replace them to other style,

These flooring materials also use to almost every buildings, offices public places and so on, we will see some of the flooring materials their advantage, disadvantage, which type of material is more useful to which room and how can we take care and keep them look elegant in addition effective cleaning methods as follows,

Terrazzo flooring

It the most sustainable and pressure resistant type of flooring because it’s a combination of materials that’s durable and resistance of damages literally it is mixture of marble chips, granite quartz and so on with speckled texture, terrazzo flooring is adaptable, durable and offer variety of designs with impressive colors, it is widely use in outdoor and inside house buildings, commercial centers, hotels, and public area in the house installing it will be more important to use it for kitchen and countertops.

Terrazzo can be sealed with two kind of resin system which makes it absorbent, resistant for mold and sturdy base epoxy matrix and cement matrix, epoxy matrix is very fast to dry on the installation system; in addition it offers slim and level binding on the surface and elegant look cement sealed also strong base and can be used for internal and external installation it needs more time to dry than epoxy sealed system.

Terrazzo flooring is very resistant of damages, stains, chemicals, fire and so on; more over it is very easy to clean, and shiny look, terrazzo can be clean more glossy look with diamond grinding, honing, crystallization and polishing method, some type of floor polishes contain Ethyl Acrylate which provides shiny appearance to the floor, the care we do to the floorings provide protection from damage and ensure the durability of the material.

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl is popular flooring type with different style and design for interior use; it has durable character wet resistant and damage resistant, they made up of synthetic fiberglass, so whatever is there number of people in the room it has strength to resist and the right option for such areas, it has three types and they are:

Luxury vinyl planks, luxury vinyl tile and sheet vinyl, the importance of the vinyl flooring is many, it is very comfortable to walk provide warm when walking, good looking designs and attractive colors, it is easily installed in addition better to easy cleaning with detergents and other cleaning chemicals it is also affordable.

Improve Your Home Flooring Surface

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